Our WordPress speed boost helps you speed up your website, improve user experience and boosts your rankings in search engines.

Attention spans are at an average of 8 seconds according to some studies. This means, that if your website isn’t fast, and moving the user along to the next step that they will leave. Don’t get left behind because of slow load times.

WordPress Support

WordPress Speed Optimization

Don’t stress the details or the technical stuff, we’ll take care of that.

WordPress Speed Audit

Get insights on the current state of things and how your website is performing.

Database Optimization

The more you use your WordPress website, the more content that gets stored in the database. We’ll clean that up plus reorganize things so they run a little faster.

Image Optimization

We will optimize both for size and performance all your images so that they maintain their sharp look while minimizing load time.

Page & Site Caching

We’ll compress and optimize caching performance so userse have to load less content when they browse your site.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

We will set you up with international servers that deliver cached static content for your users, decreasing load times.

Mobile Optimization

With over half of all browsing occurring on mobile, we optimize your website with mobile users in mind.

Plans & Pricing

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